THIS IS ME is an art installation and a Kerry Local Creative Youth Partnership project and will be on view at the Museum for the next three months. The participants involved in the project and whose work is on view, are living in two accommodation centres in Kerry (Johnston Marina Hotel Tralee and Atlas House Killarney). The project was funded in 2021 through an Kerry ETB/LCYP grant to Me and the Moon and artist David Fortune to facilitate the project. They have been conducting weekly workshops in those settings with children between the ages of 2 and 13 yrs. 

David has worked really hard to help make the installation happen and it has become a really joyful event for the children and the parents involved. The County Museum as host is a very valued collaborative partner, and is hosting the installation in their temporary exhibition room in the Museum. The art installation is accompanied by a documentary style video in the Museum’s audio visual room.  There are 23 children involved from the two centres. The work focuses on art and the process of art-making where the trying, the rough work, the creations, both finished and unfinished, are valued and inform a learning outcome. That outcome is about confidence and acknowledgement- that art classes are an important weekly contact point for all involved, and that they are a space where imagination is valued.  The installation, features incomplete and finished work and it is a riot of colour and energy.

Watch our short film “This is Me!”: