We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the Irish school of Archaeology Easter camp this year. From the 26th -30th of March 2018.

Our camps provide a new and fascinating alternative to sports-themed camps and other school-break activities for children aged between 7 and 12 years old. If your child is a curious explorer with a thirst for knowledge about their past, why not let them try the School of Irish Archaeology? Our camps are run all year round, and they introduce children to the mysteries and adventures of our past in a fun, practical and hands-on way.
We use an ‘Indiana Jones’ approach to ensure your children get lots of time outdoors. As well as taking part in excavations and exciting treasure hunts, children will also get to visit important archaeological and historical sites.

Activities may include:

Viking House Excavation
Clay Pot Making
Historical Treasure Hunts
Archaeology Excursions
Visit to Real life Archaeology Dig
Historical Shoe Making
Archaeology Games
The Graveyard Experience
Post & Wattle Fence Making
Our Team

We have a team of qualified and very experienced teachers and archaeologists who have worked on numerous excavations throughout Ireland. Our staff are friendly, outgoing and have lots of experience when working with children.

All Bookings to be made via the SIA website – http://www.sia.ie/index.php/bookings

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