On Museum Takeover Day museums, galleries, historic buildings, archives and heritage sites invite young people to take over jobs normally done by adults. Our main aim is to empower young people, give them meaningful roles and provide a flavour of what it is like to work in the heritage sector. Participating schools can avail of free entry and a tour by their own students during Takeover Day. On the day, your students will oversee the running of the Museum – from welcoming customers at Reception to giving talks and tours to peer. This multi-disciplinary project is aimed mainly at TY students and training will be provided through a combination of resource material, outreach visits and on-site work shadowing. Following roles could be covered by your students:

  • Customer Service/ Front of House / Welcome Hosts028
  • Tour Guides and Workshop Facilitators for peer groups
  • Co-Curators of Exhibitions and Events
  • Press Officers (print media and social media)
  • Website Administration

Due to Covid, we haven’t been able to host a Museum Takeover Week since 2019 but if you are interested in participating in the future simply send us an expression of interest and we will be in touch when the event can take place again. Please contact:


Please note that we are currently not in a position to conduct guided tours and workshops due to Covid restrictions. All school visits have to be self-guided but we do have a history quiz for students. Also, due to the tactile nature of our Bone Investigator exhibition, dig workshops are currently not available.

KCM’s secondary schools programme is devised to make your students’ museum visit relevant to the class room. Guided tours and workshops are based on the secondary curriculum and cover several areas such as history, art and geography. All our activities encourage students to engage with the exhibitions in a creative way and to gain both analytical and social skills. We promote teachers’ and students’ active participation and are happy to discuss short and long-term projects.

Guided tour

Join our expert guide and travel back in time to visit a medieval town complete with the sounds and smells! Our medieval experience is a reconstruction of the bustling market town of Tralee in the year 1450. We will trace the history of Tralee from its foundation in 1216 to its destruction in the 1580s. During the tour we will explore several topics relevant to the secondary curriculum such as ‘The Job of the Historian and Archaeologist’, ‘Medieval Society’ and ‘The Reformation’. We also offer walking tours in conjunction with a visit to the Medieval Experience (weather depending).

Cost: €1 per pupil – Medieval Experience only; €2 – Medieval Experience & Walking Tour; teachers free of charge

• Duration: 45 minutes (with Walking Tour: 90 minutes)
Group size: up to 30 pupils

 Check out the Medieval Experience Gallery

Contact us to book your visit and to see how we can
tailor a visit to suit your learning goals.

 066 712 7777

Interactive dig workshop with guide at hand

Bone Investigators is the latest interactive attraction in our Museum. Students can excavate two Viking skeletons and other exciting replica artefacts. In this hands-on dig workshop students find out how archaeologists excavate and what we can learn from their finds. The dig experience is based on the excavation of a spectacular Viking burial site at Cloghermore Cave, near Tralee. During the workshop we will explore topics relevant to the secondary curriculum, particularly ‘The Work of the Archaeologist’ and discuss the nature and use of primary sources. Bone Investigators is especially relevant to first year students and lends itself perfectly for post-visit projects.

Cost: €1 per pupil (September to April); teachers free of charge
• Duration: 45 minutes
Group size: up to 30 pupils

 Check out Bone Investigators

Guided tour

Join our expert guide and delve into 7,000 years of Kerry’s fascinating past. Tailor-made tours can provide students with a broad overview from Kerry’s first Stone Age settlers to modern times. It is also possible to explore specific topics to link in with classroom based assessments. The Museum Gallery is the perfect resource to assist students with their Junior Cycle History Learning Journey. If you wish to discuss what we can do to tie in with your learning goals please call our Education Team.

Cost: €1 per pupil (September to April); teachers free of charge
•• Duration: 45 minutes
Group size: up to 30 pupils, larger groups can be split

 Check out the Main Gallery