An exhibition by children and young people under 12 years) experiencing homelessness. In exploring the central theme of ‘home and ‘homelessness’, we sought to hear their voices, their opinions and hear about their need to feel at home. The young people are unified by a central experience; the desire to have a home.

The word ‘home’ can mean different things to our children. Exploring how a heart experiences ‘home’ saw the emergence of many ideas. Is ‘home’ a physical place, a place in our minds, or is it the people in our lives who make us feel at home? With resilience challenged and with much exclusion, those who have, must work for those who have not. Inclusion is a small step to start.

The depth and breath of this project went far beyond the exhibition you see before you. The aim was that, in working together, we would all feel included. The group began their creative engagement in the midst of Covid-19, where art packs were delivered to the children during a very isolating time in their lives. When they were all finally able to come together, the children had a sense of a shared experience that in turn added to the excitement of now working together face to face.

Experimenting with materials and exploring scale, both in creative output and conversation, was led by the group. Their enthusiasm to create and their confidence in each other increased. It became a mutual and energetic partnership that fizzled with possibilities. What you see before you are just some of the results. We hope you enjoy.

With thanks to NOVAS, the homeless charity and artist Jeannine Storan, who facilitated the project under the expert guidance of Ronan Doherty, Annette Murphy and Lisa Donohue from NOVAS. Congratulations to all the children and young people involved. We are so proud of you.

INCLUSION is kindly hosted by Kerry County Museum under the Kerry Local Creative Youth Partnership (LCYP) at Kerry ETB. The LCYP works with early years, children, young people and young adults. We work where opportunities to develop creativity can be most challanged. For more information email Deirdre Enright: @kerrylcyp