A stroll through the Medieval Experience reveals the streets of Tralee as they were in 1450 AD with all the sights, sounds and robust smells of a bustling community. See what people wore, what they ate, where they lived, and discover why the Fitzgeralds, the Earls of Desmond, who founded the town, also destroyed it.


 Walk-through life-size display

Burgess Street, Tralee (1450 AD) – become part of the display as you weave your way through the different thoroughfares, exploring the everyday lives and activities of people in a bustling market town.

Ground floor

Normal visit duration:
40 minutes

For children:
 Dress up in medieval costume

Medieval dress-up – Costumes of the era are available for you to wear for the duration of your visit to 15th Century Tralee. A great way to immerse yourself in the exhibition that also provides unique photo opportunities. And not just for kids – parents are encouraged to dress up too.

Activity based group visits for:
 Primary Schools
 Secondary Schools
 Scout and Guide Patrols

The gate keeper vets all who want to enter the town so be on your best behaviour when you encounter him.

Livestock and fowl play a huge part in the lives of the townspeople and roam at will. So mind where you step.

Be watchful for anyone emptying buckets of unknowable contents from the upper stories.