Kerry County Museum holds in trust, collects and cares for artefacts related to the county of Kerry and its people. Our collection consists of approximately 4,000 artefacts dating from the stone age through to the late twentieth century. Each of these tells a story about the people of Kerry. The Museum actively collects suitable artefacts and these are usually acquired through donation or reporting of archaeological finds. More detailed information is available in the Archaeological Finds and Donations sections.

Kerry County Museum’s collection is housed in the Ashe Memorial Hall and is divided between our various exhibitions and our storage facilities. We practice preventative conservation and all our objects are kept in environments suitable to their material and condition. We endeavour to give as much access to the collection as is reasonably possible. Currently most objects in the collection, with the exception of any that may be on loan to KCM, are available to researchers and members of the public for examination by appointment. The Museum only permits material to be examined within the Museum building during normal working hours and under staff supervision.

KCM Collections Officer:
Sarah O’Farrell