It’s Science Week Ireland!
Join us for a  mini-lecture series celebrating archaeological science. Listen to Archaeologist from Ireland and the USA discusses using 21st-century science to reveal the Neolithic secrets of Killaclohane Portal Tomb.

The Tomb in the Lab reveals the secrets of Killaclohane Portal Tomb, which dates back 6,000 years, to students as part of Science Week, which runs until November 19. ‘The Tomb in the Lab’ is a series of discussions, demonstrations, and displays based on the site, Kerry’s oldest- known man-made structure, dating back to around 3800 BC.

The Neolithic tomb underwent a major excavation and restoration programme in 2015 and the artefacts found, including human bone, pottery fragments, and flint tools, have been the subject of intensive scientific scrutiny.

Lecture 1 – Dr Michael Connolly  click here

Lecture 2 – Dr Linda Lynch click here 

Lecture 3- Dr Kendra Sirak click here



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